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wikifiles is a documentation project to assemble information about various files in different computer systems.

Any and every piece of information on computer files is welcome for record keeping. In particular, the following information about a computer file are expected - operating system, environment, dependencies, relationships to other files, viruses, trojans or malware, tools to edit the file, user editable or not, version number of the file, file developer, location to download the file, uses of the file, consequences of changes to the file and any other useful information.

Example entries include File Extension ... svchost.exe ... Windows ... Help:Contents ... X-windows ... Wikifiles editors ...Explorer.exe ... Winhlp32.exe ... autoexec.bat ... xp files ... Cygwin ... monobook.php ... lsass.exe ... linux

The following restrictions are in place: Guest readers cannot edit pages. New editors are chosen through personal reference only. To become a wikifiles editor you must be invited by one of the existing Wikifiles editors, then register, validate your email, and get promoted as editor. If your intended contribution is limited to information on just one or two computer files, then it is best you email the info to admin and request that be put up as a separate page. or its founders accept no liability for your use of the site and any subsequent decision you make based on the contents of this site. When in doubt, get professional help for your specific situation/ difficulty regarding your own computer system.

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